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About Ginger Payments

Our different professional backgrounds and expertise made us a great team and in 2014, this resulted in the creation of Ginger Payments - an innovative platform that connects independent services through one simple API.

At the core of Ginger, you’ll find:

  • Strong technical skills.With markets changing fast, we believe being able to adapt is key. Building our platform with quality and in correlation with modern standards of software development is our main priority. We make sure our skillsets remain up-to-date and keep challenging ourselves to grow.
  • A getting-it-done mentality.We love what we do and we do it with a smile. Making office hours fun and challenging is what keeps us motivated. And you never know: the answer to a coding problem you’ve been exploring for days, might just pop-up while playing a game of ping-pong.
  • Love for open source.We support and highly value the Open Source initiative and have the vision to open source our own framework for building (micro) services in Python. According to us, shared knowledge is a key factor in the digital evolution.
Ginger Payments - Team
A talented team with people from all over the world

We are very proud of our diversity: 25 people from 13 different countries! Every one of us is contributing to the entity of our team, but we all believe and work for one common goal - bringing Ginger Payments to the top.

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