About Us

With a background in banking, ecommerce and PSPs, Roderick, Joachim and Maarten founded Ginger in 2014 with the mission to take the complexity out of payment integration. What started out as a PSP with a strong focus on tech has evolved into a catalyst for teams that build financial applications.

At the core of Ginger, you'll find:

  • Excellent technologyWe've always had a very strong focus on building technically superior products. We believe the biggest challenges & opportunities in building financial applications are rooted in code.
  • Extensive Domain KnowledgeBuilding financial applications involves a lot of domain-specific knowledge, both in technology and in regulation. With over 15 years of experience in the financial world, we know a lot about these specifics.
  • Ability to executeAdaptiveness is a core principle at Ginger, both in software and in team structure. This allows us to execute and deliver with speed, not obstructed by bureaucracy and legacy software.

Management Team

  • CEORoderick de Koning
    Roderick de KoningCommercial lead, extensive experience in payment and banking industry
  • COOJoachim de Boer
    Joachim de BoerSerial entrepreneur, link between the technical and the commercial
  • CTOMaarten Sander
    Maarten SanderGinger Platform’s architect, several CTO roles in the past

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