About Us

With a background in banking, ecommerce and PSPs, Roderick, Joachim and Maarten founded Ginger in 2014 with the mission to take the complexity out of payment integration. What started out as a PSP with a strong focus on tech has evolved into a modular infrastructure for teams that build payment applications.

At the core of Ginger, you'll find:

  • Excellent technologyWe've always had a very strong focus on building technically superior products. We believe the biggest challenges & opportunities in building financial applications are rooted in code.
  • Extensive Domain KnowledgeBuilding financial applications involves a lot of domain-specific knowledge, both in technology and in regulation. With over 15 years of experience in the financial world, we know a lot about these specifics.
  • Ability to executeAdaptiveness is a core principle at Ginger, both in software and in team structure. This allows us to execute and deliver with speed, not obstructed by bureaucracy and legacy software.

Management Team

  • CEORoderick de Koning
    Roderick de KoningCommercial lead, extensive experience in payment and banking industry
  • COOJoachim de Boer
    Joachim de BoerSerial entrepreneur, link between the technical and the commercial
  • CTOMaarten Sander
    Maarten SanderGinger Platform’s architect, several CTO roles in the past

Stop struggling with payments. Focus on building great products.

Let us help you with the common so you can focus on the extraordinary.