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On a journey for the success recipe of Ginger Payments’ great workplace environment

By Ralitsa Naydenova, 26 April 2017

What made our developers to join, stay and believe in Ginger Payments

Every morning when I walk through the doors of Ginger Payments’ office, I see the content faces of my colleagues - motivated, positive and always ready to crack a joke or two to start the day with a good vibe. Being someone always led by her curiosity, I set on a journey to discover the secret ingredients of our stress-free workplace environment and exceptional team spirit. And since 95 % of our organisation comprises of developers, I was particularly interested to understand their perspective (even though we speak the same language, our brains definitely run on different frequency) and hear their answers to a certain array of questions - what motivates you to work for a certain company; what gets you out of bed and brings you to the office with desire to work; and last, but not the least...why Ginger Payments and what keeps you here?

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A Millennial ‘startup’ culture - what makes millennials eager to work for you?

By Ralitsa Naydenova, 4 April 2017

A journey of a millennial in search of belonging

Millennials - that controversial generation, whose last representatives are currently entering the offices all over the world, will comprise over a third of the workforce worldwide by 2020. An age group of lazy, technology addicted, entitled and having unrealistic goals individuals is one side of the story. The other - optimistic visionaries with strive for entrepreneurship and innovation. If you Google “Millennials are...”, you will find the dubious results of opinionists describing the dark side of our age group and myth busters, trying to prove them wrong. So how do you encourage such an ambiguous generation to work for you? What is it that triggers our interest?

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