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Key success factors in retaining talents at Ginger Payments

By Sil Bartlema, 24 Juli 2017

Is it only finding the right candidate and increasing his/her salary every year, or there is much more than that?

Last time I wrote about how we help new Gingers to come from all over the world and join our highly skilled team. After going through all of that and convincing that Indian talented Python developer or the experienced PHP developer from Serbia to come to Amsterdam and relocate, all of it would seem in vain when they hand over their letters of resignation after two months. The war of talent in the IT-sector is bigger than ever and retention rates of 20% at tech-companies are considered normal. However, in Ginger Payments we have a different goal - to keep our talents happy and satisfied and maintain retention rates not on the “normal” level for the industry, but at the exceptional (lower than 12%).

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Simplify PCI compliance requirements and process securely customer data

By Ralitsa Naydenova, 30 June 2017

How Ginger Payments Token Vault aids ecommerce businesses with their PCI Compliance conundrum and processes (CC) data in a safer way

Nowadays with the disruptions in technology and the exceptional creativity of cyber-attackers, measurements against data theft and information breach are more important than ever. In a Nielson Report it was revealed that card fraud worldwide amount to $ 24.71 billion in 2016 (€ 22.13 billion) and is expected to rise in the next three years up until $ 31.67 billion (~ € 28 billion). Let’s just say that with either of these amounts our whole team could experience a trip to the moon. (Yes, please!)

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Quality Assurance - It’s not only “Breaking the Code”

By Jasmine Vyas, 1 June 2017

The significance of practising QA through the eyes of Ginger Payments’ QA Engineer

Quality Assurance or QA is one of the phases in software development world that often has people being strongly opinionated about. Some developers have a tendency to assume that since there are no visible errors during the development process or if their code simply works, the software quality is good and it does not need refinement. However, from my experience (and all my fellow QAs') this is never the case and there are always more factors to be taken into consideration when determining the software quality. Quite often, the management tries to get the bare bones of QA by only postulating User Acceptance Testing to be performed, which is insufficient for modern software requirements. Used interchangeably with Testing, QA is to a greater extent, a part of Quality Management, focused on providing confidence that quality requirements of the software are fulfilled. The desirable outcome of all the QA efforts is high-quality software and good UX with clean code as a covetable side-effect.

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Hi future Ginger-employee,

By Sil Bartlema, 19 May 2017

Having seen the nice and competitive offer to join our team, you are given an opportunity to relocate to Amsterdam, a vibrant city, which combines modern spirit with historical architecture. A big (and possibly life changing) decision. Quite often, before taking such an important step, people have various questions, whose answers tend to be decisive for their response. In this article I have tried to provide you with the most important information that is needed at the beginning of your onboarding and the aim is to give you the confidence that it is not that compelling to relocate and get the appropriate visa, residence/work permits, a house, insurance, the fastest internet connection, as well as many more.....

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On a journey for the success recipe of Ginger Payments great workplace environment

By Ralitsa Naydenova, 26 April 2017

What made our developers to join, stay and believe in Ginger Payments

Every morning when I walk through the doors of Ginger Payments’ office, I see the content faces of my colleagues - motivated, positive and always ready to crack a joke or two to start the day with a good vibe. Being someone always led by her curiosity, I set on a journey to discover the secret ingredients of our stress-free workplace environment and exceptional team spirit. And since 95 % of our organisation comprises of developers, I was particularly interested to understand their perspective (even though we speak the same language, our brains definitely run on different frequency) and hear their answers to a certain array of questions - what motivates you to work for a certain company; what gets you out of bed and brings you to the office with desire to work; and last, but not the least...why Ginger Payments and what keeps you here?

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A Millennial ‘startup’ culture - what makes millennials eager to work for you?

By Ralitsa Naydenova, 4 April 2017

A journey of a millennial in search of belonging

Millennials - that controversial generation, whose last representatives are currently entering the offices all over the world, will comprise over a third of the workforce worldwide by 2020. An age group of lazy, technology addicted, entitled and having unrealistic goals individuals is one side of the story. The other - optimistic visionaries with strive for entrepreneurship and innovation. If you Google “Millennials are...”, you will find the dubious results of opinionists describing the dark side of our age group and myth busters, trying to prove them wrong. So how do you encourage such an ambiguous generation to work for you? What is it that triggers our interest?

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