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Ginger's state of the art technology helps streamline processes, improves the customer experience and ultimately increase revenue. We strive for clear technology and uncomplicated services.

Open Positions

well ... not at the moment

Come join the force and enjoy the perks of being a Ginger.

  • Start-up culture. Sure, you can wear a suit and a tie if you like, but we like you just as much if you show up in a hoodie and sneakers.
  • No bureaucracy. Don’t let your ideas be constrained by multiple layers of management. Our flat hierarchy makes working more fun & effective.
  • ¿Hablas inglés? Work in a small, talented team with people from all over the globe. Learn bad Spanish jokes and find our what’s considered sexy in Iran.
  • Awesome lunches. Food for your brain. A full range of salads, cold pressed juices, tasty grilled sandwiches & fresh soup. Because hungry doesn’t work that well.
  • No cubicles. Our office is located near Sloterdijk station & Amsterdam’s northern harbor. The no-cubicles layout creates a friendly, open atmosphere to work in.
  • Bring your game face. Got Pong? Show your collegues who’s boss by challenging them to a round of Table Tennis. Loser gets to bring the winner coffee on demand.

Got skills but couldn’t find the job you were looking for?
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