Ginger Payments

A modular, extensible payment infrastructure

Common payment integration challenges are a walk in the park with our collection of integrated building blocks.

All-in-one payment services can be too complex or inflexible. Our modular, developer-friendly payment infrastructure adapts to market change, as customer payment behaviour or your business evolves.

Ginger Payments is a growing collection of building blocks that handle a variety of payment services. We have building blocks that can process payments with popular payment methods, store card details securely, provide extensive reporting and more. Pick and mix the building blocks to build the perfect payment solution for your product or service.

The Ginger platform is extensible by nature. The API gives you full control of your payment solution, so you can extend its functionality by developing your own services. Don’t have any in-house developers? Get in touch and we can build your service together.

A simple, powerful API

Take control of your payments. Directly access all platform functionality through the RESTful web API. SDKs are available too.

Most payment service providers offer some form of API and talk about developers. We do more than just talk. Our API allows you to integrate payments into your products with just a few lines of code. And we're constantly searching for new ways to take the complexity out of payment integration without compromising on the flexibility of our platform.

The Ginger API is ReSTful and uses well-known internet standards, such as HTTP and JSON. Ginger was built as a financial platform from the ground up. We've crafted our data model to cater to the needs of merchants, resulting in an API that is easy to grasp and use. We publish the full JSON schema as part of our service and have filled our API docs with helpful code examples for you to copy and paste.

All available platform functionality is directly accessible through the Ginger API. In fact, our own hosted applications, such as the merchant portal and the payment pages, are built upon the Ginger API.

API Docs

Ready-to-use payment applications & plug-ins

No need to re-invent the wheel.
Use our hosted applications and start accepting payments in no time.

Frictionless checkout environment for your customersGinger’s checkout is a ready-to-use payment environment that is safe and user-friendly for your customers. As Ginger processes the payments, you won’t have to comply with the strict PCI regulatory standards that usually apply when you handle card details.
Get insight into your orders in the merchant portalWhat are your latest transactions? How many payments have been processed and what did they cost? When will the payout be made? The Merchant Dashboard answers these questions and more. It also offers a handful of useful utilities. Create payment links for customers, export .CSVs for your accountant and much more.
  • Frictionless checkout with Ginger’s hosted payment pages

Plug-ins are available for most popular e-commerce platforms, including:

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • osCommerce
  • X-Cart

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