Ginger Payments

Recurring payments with maximum flexibility

From simple monthly subscriptions to irregular intervals and variable amounts, building and managing your payment schedule is easy with Ginger’s powerful, flexible API.

  • Card-on-file technologyWe store your customer’s card details in our extremely secure token vault. You can initiate any transaction on the card as long as you have the customer’s permission. This gives you maximum flexibility in your payments.
  • Flexible payment optionsHow you choose to bill your customer is up to you. You’re in full control of the payment logic, allowing for one-off payments, custom intervals and variable billing amounts.
  • First-class infrastructureGinger’s platform is cloud-based and hosted on Amazon AWS: the industry standard for reliable online services. It’s fast, scalable and has unparalleled availability: it just works.

Popular applications for card-on-file payments

  • One-click checkoutAllow your customers to pay instantly. You safely store their card details, so they can check out with a single click. This makes shopping with you so fast and effortless they’ll definitely be back for more. All credit and debit cards are supported.
  • Subscription modelsBill your customers monthly or annually for a fixed or variable amount. A popular application for SaaS/PaaS companies, gyms, utility services and companies providing recurring deliveries.
  • Payment in installmentsAllow them to pay you in installments for big investments. Create automatic reminders for the upcoming payment and make it easy for them to keep track of their monthly outgoings.
  • Automated invoicingInclude a payment link in your invoices, making it easy for your customers to pay and for you to keep track of whether they have. Send timed, automated invoices that redirect your clients to Ginger’s hosted page, where they can pay instantly in a secure environment.

Three steps to flexible recurring payments

  1. Create a Ginger account & choose your payment methods
  2. Connect your service & set up your payment schedules
  3. Create test transactions & start accepting payments

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