Ginger Payments

Store credit card details securely

Keep sensitive customer data secure without going through the hassle of regulatory compliance. Ginger complies with strict PCI standards so you don’t have to.

  • High-level securityOur platform meets and exceeds the very high PCI Data Security Standards. To minimize fraud risk, card data is stored in a secure vault and can only be accessed by a validated user with the right token.
  • Minimize compliance overheadAs Ginger stores and processes your card details, you don’t need to comply with the strict PCI standards that usually apply for companies handling cards.
  • Available as a serviceGinger’s platform is a collection of modular building blocks, each providing a payment-related service. You only pay for the services you use. This also applies to secure card storage.

Here’s how it works:

Ginger stores sensitive card details. You store harmless tokens.

  • 1. Customer enters card detailsWhen your customer pays for the first time, their credit card details are submitted through a secure payment form that’s hosted by Ginger.
  • 2. Ginger creates a tokenGinger stores the card details securely and generates a unique token that is returned to the merchant.
  • 3. You store the tokenThe token corresponds with the customer’s card details. Tokens are useless in themselves, so you can store them without putting your customers at risk.

You use the tokens to initate (recurring) transactions.

  • Initiating a transactionTo initiate transactions, you need to be authorized by Ginger and to provide a stored token for the card that you want to bill.
  • Great for 1-click checkoutsSince card details are stored in the vault, your customer won’t need to re-enter their card details on the next purchase.
  • Great for subscription modelsYou can also use the tokens for recurring payments at timed intervals, such as subscriptions for services and products.

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All our building blocks can be used separately

See our API Docs for more information on how the building blocks work.

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