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25 people, 13 nationalities, 1 goal:
Take the complexity out of payments once and for all

  • Roderick de Koning
    Roderick de KoningManaging Partner
    Roderick de Koning

    Loves doing innovative (tech) projects. Huge fan of delicious (home made) food.

  • Joachim de Boer
    Joachim de BoerManaging Partner
    Joachim de Boer

    Get things done.

  • Maarten SanderManaging Partner
    Maarten Sander
    Maarten Sander


  • Ruslan DmitrijevPlugin Developer
    Ruslan Dmitrijev
    Ruslan Dmitrijev

    I fly racing drones.

  • Jure Cerjak
    Jure CerjakSoftware Developer
    Jure Cerjak

    Fascinated by computers. Enjoys tinkering with analog sound machines. In love with pizza.

  • Tessa Tittmann
    Tessa TittmannAccount Manager
    Tessa Tittmann

    Love doing sales: getting and keeping them on board!! | love music | sports | enjoying life | "A day without laughter is a day wasted"

  • Sil BartlemaHR Manager / Recruiter
    Sil Bartlema
    Sil Bartlema

    HR | Running, football, pingpong | Always looking for the right person in all the right places. "Nothing surprises me. I work in HR"

  • Ninad PageSoftware Surgeon
    Ninad Page
    Ninad Page

    Software Surgeon. Why should engineers have all the fun?

  • Maksym Bendeberia
    Maksym BendeberiaSoftware Developer
    Maksym Bendeberia

    Jestem koniem

  • Jasmine Vyas
    Jasmine VyasQA Engineer
    Jasmine Vyas

    Full-time QA Engineer | Part time Ninja Writer | Bookworm | Traveller, Music lover, Culinary Experimentalist | Queen of Bad Puns | "Just act crazy, then you're acting normal enough as it is!"

  • Rali NaydenovaJr. Brand &
    Communications Manager
    Rali Naydenova
    Rali Naydenova

    Loves travelling, good food, animals, new ideas, challenges, mysteries, innovation, sea and sun... "If you dream it, you can do it."

  • Ilia PostolakiSoftware Developer & Project Manager
    Ilia Postolaki
    Ilia Postolaki

    In my spare time I enjoy mixing music. Cooking and recipe composition is my hobby – always ready to talk about it!

  • Dimitrios Kanellopoulos
    Dimitrios KanellopoulosFull Stack Developer
    Dimitrios Kanellopoulos

    I like to code, sport (especially running), photography, jazz guitar, diving and traveling.

  • Saaj
    SaajSoftware Developer
  • HaripriyaSoftware Developer
  • Frouke J. MeijerCompliance Officer
    Frouke J. Meijer
    Frouke J. Meijer
  • Bob Jansen
    Bob JansenCreative Director
    Bob Jansen

    Creative nerd & bike nut. Sucks at ball sports.

  • Shernaz Syedsaleem
    Shernaz SyedsaleemFrontend Developer
    Shernaz Syedsaleem

    Frontend Developer . Fashion Freak. Love Dancing, Cooking, movies (thriller and fantasy), exploring history, classical music. "Be rational, not judgemental"

  • Saskia DerksenAdministrative Assistant
    Saskia Derksen
    Saskia Derksen

    Financial administration, sales support. Like to walk with the dog, love music, movies and books.

  • Antoine HendrikxCFO
    Antoine Hendrikx
    Antoine Hendrikx

    Financial with business sense / Startup admirer / Fashion ecom / Cyclist / Media / Proud Father of 3

  • Bojan Segic
    Bojan SegicPlugin Developer
    Bojan Segic
  • Delia Istrate
    Delia IstrateQA Manager
    Delia Istrate

    Love to see the devs squirm ;)

    • Charif MewsFull Stack Developer
      Charif Mews
      Charif Mews

      As far as I can see, I just need privacy :)

    • Pablo Gonzalez PortelaSoftware Developer
      Pablo Gonzalez Portela
      Pablo Gonzalez Portela

      I don't need a hair stylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.

    • Harvey Forero
      Harvey ForeroSoftware Developer
      Harvey Forero

      Software Developer. I love video games and comics.

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